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Leading Canines – We treat each dog and owner as an individual

I founded Leading Canines because of a lifelong love of dogs. In the early 1970’s, while training under a German Shepherd Dog breeder and trainer who also ran an all-breeds Rescue Kennel, my passion for rescuing, rehabilitating and training dogs developed. Since then I have owned and trained many different dogs and with my G.S.D’s competed successfully in both breed and obedience classes. Among these dogs were a number of rescues, most of which initially had behavioural issues due to their histories.

My strong interest in rehabilitation led me to work full time as a Behaviourist and Trainer. As well as working with behavioural problems of all types I offer help from pre-purchase advice through to puppy and adult dog training, using humane, proven methods.

I will teach you how to lead your dog to become the balanced, happy animal he would like to be and which is so important if he is to be an acceptable member of society.

Our Blog

  • Holidaying without your dog?

    14 Feb 2015

    It may be the middle of February but it’s not too soon to plan your dog’s holiday arrangements.  What will be best for your particular dog – staying with family/friends. going to a boarding kennel, a dog and house sitter or a home boarder (where your dog lives with another family while you’re away)?  Whichever […]

  • Nails and feet

    1 Feb 2015

    Regular walks on a pavement or road will improve the adult dog’s feet, tightening and strengthening them and helping to keep the nails short. Puppies are different – their feet are initially very soft and take time to harden.  They should have limited exercise on hard surfaces, so make sure most of their time is […]

  • How clued up are you?

    20 Jan 2015

    Take our quick and fun quiz and find out how clued up you are! 1. Which breed of dog yodels instead of barks?  (a) Deerhound  (b)  Italian Greyhound  (c)  Basenji  (d)  Bernese Mountain Dog 2. When will microchipping your dog become compulsory  (a)  February 2016  (b)  April 2016  (c)   January 2017 3. Which of the […]