Individual Advice

Buying a puppy or adult dog is a very exciting, happy time – let’s get it right! The first decision to make is – will you still want a dog in six months, six years, in maybe fifteen years time? If you have never owned a dog before consider the commitment you will be making in terms of time, effort and money, plus the impact it will have on your family life, holiday arrangements etc.

If you want to go ahead I offer a pre-purchase advice service – a visit to your home, when together we look at your total picture. Then I can assist in your choice of puppy or adult, dog or bitch; which breeds to consider or maybe a crossbreed, from a breeder or a rescue home. If you wish I will accompany you when you go to make your selection, when I can advise on general suitability (even with young puppies there are signs of which are likely to grow into dominant or nervous dogs).

You will obviously have already started to narrow down the choices and will want to make the final decision but a little guidance could avoid your dog becoming one of the thousands that are waiting to be rehomed because they were bought in the first place by people to whom they were not suited.